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What the Pros are saying

Scott Emerson - Oakland A's MLB Pitching Coach

I am very much a baseball information seeker. I want information from the physical, mental and data aspects. Using all 3 aspects are needed, as you need to use the different ways to look at things. When it comes to what’s being called as the strike zone , or advanced ball tracking metrics and pitch classification, Wayne Boyle and Pitchgrader are giving you advanced ways to use the information you need to make good decisions. The courses provide you with the skills to evaluate data information and will help you or your player try to reach your potential. Again , I look forward to what Wayne does next.

Miguel Bonilla - NY Mets Pitching Coach

As a pitching coach with more than 30 years of experience in professional baseball, I found the information in these courses useful because it allows me not to rely on my eyes and experience alone and gives me a data driven vocabulary I can use with my players when explaining the things I see in their performance.

Carlos Chavez - San Diego Padres Pitching Coach

Wayne, Awesome job with Pitchgrader and the courses! Great info and tremendous work you put together! Will recommend to anybody willing to get better!

Tim Doherty - Washington Nationals Hitting Coach

The Pitchgrader courses are an absolute must take. They detail state of the art metrics and analytics in a way that makes it easier to apply them and maximize their effectiveness. With where the game of baseball is today and the analytics and metrics that are being used by every team, I highly recommend enrolling in these courses to keep up. Wayne has done a phenomenal job with such informative courses.

Dustin Glant - Indiana University Pitching Coach

former Yankees AAA pitching coach

“The Fundamentals of Ball Tracking Metrics" course from PitchGrader is an essential development tool for any coach or player that is looking to better understand the basics of ball tracking technologies and that factors that influence pitch movement. With this gained understanding of Magnus force, pitch shape, spin tilt, and approach angles for the various pitches, a coach or player can have a better roadmap for where their pitches currently stand and what changes can be made for optimal success. Understanding PitchGrader’s "Modern pitch classifications", as an alternative to the basic pitch classifications used today, will allow for a deeper understanding for the nuances that exist within each pitch type. This deeper understanding for the metrics that define each pitch type allows for better informed decisions to be made in terms of pitch design and sequences for each players pitch packages.

Gil Patterson - Oakland A's Pitching Coordinator

I’ve had a chance to take the courses from Pitchgrader and I am fascinated with their potential. Pitchgrader’s Pro level baseball pitch analysis and pitcher profiling might completely change the way a coach approaches making adjustments to a pitcher’s repertoire. The 3D analysis, charts, graphs, heat maps, and many other evaluation examples provide a vast perspective, but fast actionable meaning for game review, opponent scouting, and game planning, while still allowing you to separate result from process for a deeper connection between the use of data and the goal of winning.

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